Magnavale Logo Design Rationale

Creating a good logo design is more involved than simply playing around with ‘what looks good’. 

At Command Creative we follow a strict process when approaching our logo creations. We design logos for businesses in Northampton and across the UK and thought we would share a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes.



We conduct a short interview over the phone to discuss your requirements and talk about your business. This helps us to establish what will work for your business and you personally. We like to involve our clients in the design process, and will talk about any ideas you have, as well as pitching in our own!



The next step is for us to conduct some research into your sector. We’ve worked with businesses from an array of sectors over the years. We like to look for gaps in your industry, perhaps things that other businesses aren’t doing well enough, and work that space- this results in a logo design that works well in your industry, but also stands out. This is known as ‘problem-first’ design- problem solve first, design later.



During this stage we will explore current design trends within your sector and look at what other businesses may be doing successfully- this isn’t necessarily going to influence your design, but rather to be aware of what other companies in your industry are doing. Likewise, we may also look into similar businesses outside of your immediate space, but which have similar brand values or customer bases.


Sketching & Concept Exploration

This is where we begin to craft your logo concepts- in each package we include three concept designs, usually these are fairly different to each other (depending on the brief) and it can be quite hard to choose which one to go for! The concepts will be delivered to you in JPEG format and we also include a couple of visualisations of each so that you can see how it works in the real world. This may include compositing the logo concept onto an outdoor sign, letterhead, business card or even a vehicle!



Once you have decided on your final logo design concept, we will work on any revisions that are required. We have a good track record of getting the concepts pretty close to the mark and the revision process usually involves a couple of minor changes, usually around sizing, colour and spacing.



Upon final sign-off of your logo design, we will prepare a package for you that includes the logo in a variety of formats- this is an important stage and helps to avoid any problems later down the line. The logo will be provided in formats such as JPEG, PNG and vector and we also include colour information in CMYK, RGB and Pantone- this always comes in handy at some point later on!



Once your logo design has been delivered, many designers will draw a line under your project and move onto the next job. At Command, we will continue to support you with any future requirements you may have overlooked. For example, some printers may request your logo in an unusual format for example- just give us a call and we will be happy to provide this. We are of course also able to help support your business even further, and offer a range of monthly design retainers to support your marketing activities.

If you looking for a bespoke logo designer in Northampton, get in touch today! If you would like to see more of our logo design, click here to view our portfolio.