So you’re thinking about animating your business or social media channel logo and wondering how much it is going to cost? 

Animated logos are largely used by businesses who are active on social media (or use TV ads) and YouTubers who want an eye catching intro for their video content. The cost of a logo animation depends largely on two factors- the complexity of the animation and the length of the animation.

Logo animation complexity

A simple logo animation may include some motion, lighting effects and fading. This logo animations can be completed relatively quickly by an experienced animation professional. More complex animations may include 3D rendering of your logo, complex lighting effects (like the neon stroke effect in the example above) and camera effects such as depth of field blur. The complexity of your logo animation effects the cost purely because of the time involved. Sometimes, before animation work begins, we have to create a 3D model of your logo which can take time. Sometimes however, the 3D effect can be created quite quickly- every logo is different and sometimes what may look like a complex animation can be achieved faily easily.

Logo animation duration

Similarly to the complexity of your logo animation- the length of the animation effects the cost of each project because it takes longer to make a 30 second animation than it does a 10 second animation. Luckily, not many brands require an animation longer than 5-10 seconds as they are usually being used at the begining or the end of a video to open or close. We recommend a logo animation of no longer than ten seconds- unless you are specifically showcasing the logo specifically, perhaps after a rebrand.

So how much will the logo animation cost?

A simple animation will cost around £190. This would likely include very little if any 3D or camera effects and would be more motion based. A more complex animation, like the one in the example above, would take a bit more time and cost around £350. Ultimately, until we have seen your logo it is difficult to say how much your animation will cost. If you would like a free, no obligation quote, get in touch. 

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