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A logo is one of the most important elements of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are an established brand or brand-new start up, your logo is the face of your company. Choosing the right logo for your business starts with choosing the right logo designer. Lets start by looking at what makes a good logo.



Keeping a logo simple makes it easier to recognise, more versatile and memorable. A good logo design should feature something unique, without being over complicated. The K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) principle of design is well known, even outside of the industry and the best business logos follow this rule.



Continuing on from the importance of keeping your logo design simple, it is also important that it is memorable. A highly complex logo is much harder to recognise later on, than a simple one. You want your customers to remember your logo, so when they come across it later on they know what business it represents. This is the basis of brand-awareness.

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While it’s difficult to make a logo design that will work forever, it is important that your design will last a long time. It’s important that your designer considers modern trends in logo design, without making the design so ‘of the moment’ that it will be out-dated in a few years.



This is ever-more important as businesses become more and more present on social media platforms that each have their own criteria for profile and banner images. A good logo will work across multiple channels and applications. It’s also important that your logo is designed in vector format, so you don’t have any issues when looking to use the logo in large format printing.



Your busines logo design needs to represent your brand appropriately. For example, a typeface that works for a children’s nursery is not going to be appropriate for use in a law firm’s logo design! The same goes with the use of any icon elements. This needs to be considered fully, prior to putting pen to paper for a design.

So now we have looked at what a good logo design consists of, how do you choose a logo designer for your business?

First and foremost, we would suggest choosing a logo designer that is experienced. We have been designing logos for businesses in and around Peterborough for many years- and know what problems may arise during the process. While you may well have a friend of a friend that can ‘do a bit of design’ we strongly advise against this as you are very likely to run into problems later down the line.


Secondly, do you like the work in that designers logo portfolio? Logo designers and agencies will often have their own in-house style, and be better suited to certain types of design. If you take a look over our portfolio, you will see that most of our logo designs are uncomplicated and bold.


Price is also going to be an important factor- make sure that you understand how much your logo design is going to cost and understand what is included. At Command Creative, we have fixed pricing for our logo design services and there are no hidden fees.


So, if you are a Peterborough (or elsewhere for that matter) based business, and are looking for a logo designer in Peterborough, give us a call today and we will be happy to advise on how we can help.


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