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A good recruitment website will be attractive to look at, easy to navigate and offer candidates an easy to use job search function.

Websites for recruitment companies serve a few purposes- they must attract candidates that are looking for new roles, give them an easy to use facility to search for a job, and also appeal to companies that may be looking for recruitment partners to help with their talent sourcing.

A good website starts with a good brand- making sure that your branding is spot on before begining to develop a website is a crucial step in ensuring that your website will represent your recruitment business in the best possible way. Take a look at this recent project, where we rebranded Peterborough based recruitment agency, Circle Select and developed their new website.

So what needs to be included in your recruitment website to keep candidates and clients alike coming back for more?

Rebranding Recruitment Agency Circle Select

An easy to use job search

The number one element that any good recruitment website design should include is an simple, easy to use job search. And by easy to use, we mean for both you, the recruiter, and candidates visiting your website.

Given the fast-paced nature of the world of recruitment, you will want to have the ability to add new roles to your website yourself, rather than waiting for a developer to do this for you.

Candidates will be much more likely to use your website to search for jobs if it’s easy to use- keep the search options down to a minimum and make sure results are displayed in a easy to digest manner.

An insightful blog

A good blog on your recruitment website will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will help drive visitors to your website. Each time you publish a new article, put links to it across your social media channels, in particular LinkedIn, and post a snippet of your article along with the link. If your content is good, people will want to head over to your site to read the rest!

Adding articles to your recruitment agency’s website also helps with your website’s SEO in a big way. Just make sure your articles are on topic, talk about your specialisms, companies you work with and the industry you are in- you’ll soon start climbing the Google ladder!

Contact points

This goes without saying and applies to any website- make it easy for people to get in touch with you! Making sure your number is easy to find, adding buttons that open directly into an email and having links to your social media channels are all vital elements of any website design. If your recruitment company has multiple consultants, having links to their individual LinkedIn accounts is a great way of helping them build their networks.

recruitment web design

Easy to navigate

Make sure that visitors to your website are able to find what they are looking for quickly. If a candidate arrives at your website looking for roles- make it easy for them by adding links to your ‘jobs’ page across your site and adding the job search tool onto your home page.

When laying out your site’s menu, take your time and prioritise the links that you think people will be looking for most often. On going tracking of your website and CRO can help with this, but you should be able to get it quite close off the bat.


Other considerations

Taking the above points into consideration should leave you with a recruitment website candidates and clients will want to visit- but that’s not all. Integrating your website with your existing CRM and email marketing platform is a great way to automate elements of your candidates journey and also your marketing.

You can also look into integrating your social media channels and include feeds that publish your latest posts onto your website automatically. Have you thought about a live chat function? The list really is endless when it comes to features that can help a recruitment website work for you.

If you’re starting a recruitment business, or perhaps are considering rebranding your existing one- we’d love to talk with you! 

If you are based looking for someone to help with your recruitment agency website, get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to build a recruitment website?

At Nerve Design, our website designs start from £600. The total cost of your website will depend on how much functionality you require. If you would like a quote, please email james@commandcreative.co.uk

How long does it take to build a recruitment website?

Typically, a new website build will take between 4-8 weeks. This will vary depending on how many projects we are working on, and how extensive the development is. Adding more functionality to elements such as your job search will add on more time and cost.

What are the ongoing costs to maintain a recruitment website?

We like to keep our websites very user friendly, so you will be able to manage your job search and listings yourself. The only ongoing cost for your website will be your hosting and maintenance.