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As an experienced web design Peterborough agency, many business owners ask us the same question; how much does a website cost?


When looking for a website designer, most businers owners have a burning question- how much will it cost? A quick search online will find you an enourmous range of web design costs. Here at Command Creative, we have designed websites for hundreds of businesses from an array of sectors- from finance companies and recruitment agencies, to caterers and IT businesses- head over to our portfolio to see examples of our web design projects.

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What should you ask when looking for a web design agency?

We advise that every business owner looking to update their company website looks for a Peterborough web design agency that will work with you to create the perfect website for your business, within your budget! The cost of a website can vary greatly and depends largely on it’s functionality and size. Prices may vary from designer to designer, but no matter who you choose, it is important to ensure that the website will be a robust design and achieve it’s main goal- whatever that may be.

We have created three simple to understand web design packages to help you create your website within budget. As a web design Peterborough agency, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality web design at an affordable price. We approach each project with enthusiam

Please note that all prices listed below exclude hosting fees and optional maintenance plans. If you would like to add these to your project, please speak with a member of our team and we can arrange a quote.

How much are our Peterborough Web Design Packages?

We’ve created a number of websites for Peterborough businesses  (see our projects for Portman Asset Finance, Origin and Moto ValetOur Peterborough web design service isn’t just made to build typical websites. We build for performance and conversion, with a strategy behind every element of the design. All of our web design packages include 12 months free hosting, SEO optimisation and email support.

What if my website needs more functionality?

We understand that our of-the-shelf website design packages may not be suitable for every business, and some companies may require extra functionality for their website. An example of extra functionality may be for a recruitment website design that requires a job search function. Another example may be a photographer website design that requires a specialist portfolio section

If your website design requires extra functionality, we will quote for this prior to commencing your website build so that you know exactly how much your website will cost.

If you are based in Peterborough and need a website for your business, get in touch today.