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A recent campaign for a client of ours in Northampton went rather well, achieving a whopping 1,200% ROI…

Here’s the key stats from the campaign:

Total spend: £5600

People reached: 317,000

Video views: 210,000

Website Purchases: 6,756

Sales Revenue: over £75,000

ROI %: Over 1,200%


Why did the campaign perform so well?

The reason this campaign delivered such good results is down to a number of factors.

– It was very well targeted

– It was well timed

– The content looked good

– The message was clear

We should add, this campaign didn’t offer any sort of discount, promotion or competitions. It was purely a promo designed to drive traffic to an ecommerce page. When you are creating any kind of marketing campaign, you should be considering all of the above. This campaign is a perfect example of how a properly targeted, well produced Facebook campaign can perform. But if we’re honest, there was a little more to this than





OK, so what else happened?

In the three months prior to this campaign, we had been working with the client to build their audience, and test responses to varying types of content. With Facebook’s recent decision to make the contents it’s user see more relevant, companies will need to take action pretty quickly to find out ‘who’ their audience is and what makes them tick. This is precisely what we did for this client. We had also been shooting small amounts of video each month, so that when it came to run the campaign, we had a good amount of quality footage to use.



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