Command Creative worked with Northampton-based finance company, Origin Finance, to produce a series of videos, ranging from simple moving ads and logo animations, to more corporate interviews and brand awareness advertisement videos.

The team at Origin wanted to use a range of video content to get their brand front-of-mind on the LinkedIn social media platform. We worked with them to create a video marketing strategy that would not only help them reach a large audience, but also output recyclable content that could be used on more than one occasion. 

The first videos we produced for them company were shot in their Northampton offices, and involved producing a mini series with the company’s staff, introducing themselves and explaining the services the company offers to it’s clients in Northampton and around the UK. 


Once the team had been filmed at Origin’s offices in Northampton, we set to work creating the second round of content for the business’ brand awareness campaigns. We created the concept for several ads, which were produced using a mixture of stock and captured footage, and created motion graphics to deliver the message in the videos. Here are a couple of samples:

With the bigger tasks out of the way we turned our attention to creating a library of ‘moving ads’ that the business could use across it’s social media channels. These simple, yet highly effective adverts are used to capture people’s attention on social media and accompany a text advert. They are essentially still ads, that have been animated to give a bit more impact of stand out in the busy world of social media news feeds!

We created around thirty of these moving ads for Origin, all of which were targeting a certain sector that the business deals with. Here’s an example of a moving ad we created for the business to use when targeting the owners of opticians practices:

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What video services in Northampton does Command Creative offer?

We offer a full service solution to businesses in Northampton and around Northamptonshire that are looking to market their service or product using video. As well as shooting case study videos, corporate videos and creating exciting promos for companies, we are also CAA approved to operate drones commercially day and night.

How much does video production in Northampton cost?

Our video services start from just £190. It is difficult to state prices for videos without knowing what we are going to be producing, so the best thing to do is get in touch.

Looking for a video production company in Northampton?