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Aerial Drone Photography and Filming in Peterborough

Command’s Peterborough base means we can undertake drone aerial photography hire in Cambridgeshire in a fast and cost effective way. Our local knowledge of the Peterborough area, added to our CAA approval for commercial drone filming in Peterborough means that clients contact us for aerial filming and photography in Peterborough and surrounding areas, including Oundle, Stamford and Thrapston.

As Peterborough has grown in recent years, demand for drone filming in the area has increased and we work with many engineering and construction companies, supplying with drone photography in Peterborough, Stamford, Cambridge and Spalding.

We use high quality drones capable of capturing stable, 4K footage and high quality stills images. We are fully licensed with the CAA and carry £5m Public Liability Insurance.


Our Drone Services in Peterborough, Stamford, Yaxley and Oundle


  • Aerial Filming and Photography
  • Construction Site Filming
  • Aerial Timelapse Video
  • Aerial 360 degree panoramas

We use drones and support technology from the market leaders in the drone and aerial filming industry. Our DJI Mavic drones have quiet, vibration free brushless electric motors to enable unobtrusive filming.

Because Command is fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authority for commercial drone filming work in Cambridgeshire, we are able to film from the air with all of the required permissions in place and we always ensure that we are legally compliant on site.


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