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LinkedIn has long been the go-to for platform for recruiters looking to create a deeper connection with their audience and built trust for with their network. A great way to make sure your content stants out and gets more engagement is to use bespoke LinkedIn graphics. They are a very cost-effective way to get your brand more exposure and building trust with potential candidates and clients.

Command creates bespoke content for recruiters, ranging from new role video animations to client testimonial videos.


Why use bespoke graphics on LinkedIn?

Build trust

Publishing high quality, bespoke content helps build trust with your network. It also portrays a professional image for you and your agency, giving your clients and candidates peace of mind.

Usable across multiple platforms

Of course, we understand most agencies aren’t only present on LinkedIn, and will be using multiple social media channels. Our graphics can be designed to be used on any platform.

Reinforce your brand

Our bespoke LinkedIn graphics for recruiters generally include your agency’s branding, which helps to promote your business and keeps you front of mind.

Increase Engagement

Video content  increases the level of interest and engagement in your posts on LinkedIn, which can help your content reach more people in your network and even further.

Bespoke LinkedIn graphics for recruiters: from £50

  • Pay £50 for your first bespoke design, then just £10 for each one thereafter.
  • Files provided digitally and optimised for LinkedIn
  • Bespoke design to tie in with existing branding and markering material
  • Option to animate your graphics- contact us to discuss your requirements.

Examples of our bespoke LinkedIn content for recruiters:

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